Implementation of Supreme Decree No. 016-2017-PCM in Peru

D.S. N° 016-2017 PCM peru

Implementation of Supreme Decree No. 016-2017-PCM in Peru

By means of Supreme Decree N ° 016-2017-PCM, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers approves the "National Strategy of Open Government Data 2017-2021" and the "Model of Open Government Data of Peru", which aims to promote the opening of information data from public entities, innovation in the generation of public value with the reuse of open data for the creation of new products and services with the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), whose final objective is to improve the services that public entities provide to citizens.

This supreme decree has been promulgated within the framework of the actions that the Peruvian State has been developing as part of the process of Modernization of Public Management. Its application is carried out in accordance with the rules of transparency and access to public information and complementary rules, with unrestricted respect for the rights of individuals.

  • Law No. 27658 - Framework Law for the Modernization of State Management (approved in January 2002), which establishes the purpose of improving the efficiency of the state apparatus.
  • The Supreme Decree N ° 004-2013-PCM, which approves the National Policy for the Modernization of Public Management (PNMGP), which aims to guide, articulate and promote in all public entities, the modernization process. The PNMGP considers Open Government as one of the three transversal axes that support the development of results-oriented public management:

It should be noted that both Open Government and Open Data are considered standards and good practices by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an international organization to which Peru has submitted its application for incorporation.

In this context, the Peruvian State joins the "Open Government Partnership", and through Ministerial Resolution No. 085-2011-PCM, approves its first Open Government Action Plan 2012-2014.

Open Government, is an international multilateral initiative of several countries, which seeks to ensure specific commitments of governments to promote transparency, train citizens, fight against corruption and take advantage of new technologies to strengthen governance, being one of the topics of Special relevance in the agenda of the Open Government Alliance, the promotion of the implementation of Open Data.

Modelo de Datos Abiertos Gubernamentales del Perú DS Nº 016-2017-PCM

Who is required by DS Nº 016-2017-PCM?

The supreme decree is applicable to the entities of the public administration set forth in article I of the preliminary title of Law N ° 27444, Law of General Administrative Procedure, in the list you can see entities of the three levels of government (National Government, Regional Governments and Local Governments), Constitutionally Autonomous Bodies, among others.

What should a public entity do to implement SD No. 016-2017-PCM?

  • Know and disseminate, among the executives of the entity and the personnel considered relevant for its implementation (preferably should be disseminated to all staff) the instruments "National Strategy of Open Government Data 2017-2021" and "Model of Open Government Data From Peru"
  • Consider the aforementioned documents when formulating their management instruments.
  • To develop capacities in the workers that will carry out the open data reuse and reuse activities (it refers both to information technology workers and also to information management workers).
  • Develop open data initiatives under the project approach (planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and feedback)
  • Incorporate in the Institutional Operational Plan (POI) the activities and tasks for the implementation of open data, with physical and budgetary goals.

These activities to be developed are organized, in a referential way, in the "Government Open Data Model of Peru", where the following processes are proposed:

Processes of Strategic Level:

  • Strategic management.
  • Communication
  • Monitoring and Evaluation System


Operating Level Processes:

  • Initial stage: conformation of technical team, identification of data needs
  • Compilation
  • Treatment
  • Publication
  • Maintenance
  • Reuse


Support Level Processes:

  • Institutional and regulatory framework
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Open data ecosystem
  • Management of cultural change

Gobierno Abierto en Español-Open Government Partnership

Results of the application of DS No. 016-2017-PCM.

The expected results of the application of DS Nº 016-2017-PCM are the following:

  • The entity will have identified and published data that citizens or companies will find useful and that will generate value for society.
  • The publication of open data of public entities is considered official and their contents are the responsibility of them. The data to be published is related to the information that they generate and possess, recording the primary source and taking into account the principles established in the "National Strategy of Open Government Data 2017 - 2021"
  • The publication of open data will allow promoting collaboration and citizen participation and even public-private partnerships for the re-use of open data.
  • The public entity will register the data published in the "National Open Data Portal" in accordance with the existing directives for that purpose. Likewise, the person responsible for registering and updating the information on said Portal will be designated.
  • The entity will use mechanisms of technological innovation and citizen participation to promote the creation of ecosystems to promote the reuse of their data
  • The entity will incorporate into its management instruments actions that guarantee the implementation of open data initiatives.


How do we apply DS Nº 016-2017-PCM?

The application of DS No. 016-2017-PCM requires a multidisciplinary effort and organized in order to obtain the required results. It is necessary to know, identify and determine the specific applicability of both documents to the entity. The entity must prepare a Plan, which must be approved by Senior Management and must contain, at the highest level of detail, the activities and commitments to be assumed. by the EntityLa política nacional de modernización de la gestión publica al 2021 en el Perú


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