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The main considerations applicable to the use of Open Data as legal normality in Peru are the following:

  1. Supreme Decree No. 066-2001-PCM "Development Plan for the Information Society in Peru - The Digital Agenda Peruana 2.0", year 2011
  2. Supreme Decree No. 043-2003-PCM, National Policy of Modernization of Public Management to 2021, includes the Open Government as one of its transversal axes that approves the Single Text of the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information No. 27806
  3. Law No. 27658, Framework Law for Modernization of State Management, which declares the Peruvian State in the process of modernization in its different instances, dependencies, entities, organizations and procedures, in order to improve public management and build a democratic, decentralized State and citizen service.
  4. Supreme Decree No. 004-2013-PCM, defines the Open Government as one of the 3 transversal axes of the National Policy of Modernization of Public Management to 2021. The policy management model is oriented to results and services oriented to the citizen and companies, published on January 9, 2013.
  5. Plan of Action of Peru for its incorporation to the Open Government Society, 2012-2014, Ministerial Resolution No. 085-2012-PCM, dated April 10, 2012.
  6. Open Government Action Plan 2015-2016, Ministerial Resolution No. 176-2015-PCM which approves the Open Government Action Plan 2015-2016, published on July 17, 2015.
  7. Ministerial Resolution No. 378-2017-PCM, which approves the Third Plan of Action of Open Government 2017 - 2019 in Peru.
  8. Quick guide for opening Government Data, instrument to support the operational process of opening government data and for this purpose is presented considering the life cycle of open data. Starting from the information inventory of the entity, carrying out the analysis and prioritization for the determination of the catalog of open government data, until its publication in the National Open Data Portal.
  9. State Policy 35 of the National Agreement (approved on August 24, 2017, session 123) promote an information society towards a knowledge society
  10. Supreme Decree No. 016-2017-PCMthat approves National Strategy of Government Open Data of Peru 2017-2021 and the Government Open Data Model, where aspects such as:
  • Area of ​​application
  • Purpose
  • Object of the Open Data
  • Government Open Data
  • National Portal of Open Data -
  • Responsible for the Open Data Portal
  • Default opening (Criteria)
  • Open Data and update periods for Datasets (Datasets)
  • Promotion of open data
  • Incorporation of management instruments
  • Implementation

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