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Implementation of Open Data Portals, Strategy, Methodology, Evaluation for Public entities.
Cloud Computing Services (Cloud) for the Government sector, Governmental Organizations, Universities and Companies.


Catalog Service for the Opening of Government Data, Anonymization, Data Analysis, Linked Data (linked data / linked data), relationships between data sets and data relationships.


Servicio de Portales de Datos Abiertos para entidades Públicas, implementación y cumplimiento del D.S. N° 016-2017-PCM, acceso a Datos gubernamentales y Plan de Gobierno Abierto Institucional.


Software Development Services for mobile applications (APP) for Government Institutions, aimed at providing new Digital Public Services to its users through ICTs.


Cloud Computing Service (Cloud) for Government and Public entities, Universities, Data Backup, Computer Systems to the Internet and Data Center.


Open Data Portals platforms allow Collect + Publish + Display + Share + Reuse and provides a single access point to a wide variety of official data produced by the institutions, agencies and other public agencies of the state. Constitute itself as an essential element of the Model and the National Strategy of Open Government Data.
They include Data Catalog, Collection and Categorization of Datasets, Visualizations, with online updates, in real time and with direct access to the data by Application Programming Interface (API) and other advanced functionalities, allowing entrepreneurs, technicians, engineers, innovators and others develop mobile applications (apps) on this updatable data in the App Store "App Store" of all smartphone mobile phones or text message sending platform "SMS", promoting innovation Public and improvement of public services in favor of people.

  • Open Data Portal ready to use in the Public Entity, requires knowledge Level Basic user of office automation.
  • Collection of Data Sets (DataSets) to be published manually (uploading files) or automatically by Web Services and by user levels.
  • Includes Catalog of Data published in the Open Data portal of Data Sets (DataSets) and METADATA (Data Dictionary) and search by keywords.
  • Operation on cloud Computing services (Cloud) independent of the IT infrastructure of the entity. All-inclusive services (No Hidden Costs)
  • Graphical tools to create Visualizations of the data sets, type Bar Graphs, Pie, Linear.
  • Georeferenced Data Visualizations in Maps as points, lines, polygons in the Google Coordinate Systems.
  • Prepared for users to build their own analysis or applications, updatable visualizations, by means of Application Programming Interface (API), by default.
  • Collection and Transformation Data in real time, from multiple sources (IoT) and multiple formats standardized formats: XLS, JSON, CSV, XML, KML and Others.


Increase the accessibility of open data throughout Peru, as the primary and official source of public management, where data is the input to conduct research and outsourcing of digital public services.
Creation of value and citizen empowerment, fostering training and its re-use of public sector information.


We share national and international experiences on innovation in the public sector, new methodologies to generate innovative solutions to traditional problems of public administration.
As well as for the publication and use of government open data, which can help you promote innovation in the public sector.


Among its main features of the Open Data Portal that we offer as a service, it is the one that works on technologies in the Cloud (computing cloud), and automatically publishes the information of three portals of the State Portal of Services to the Citizen and Companies (PSCE) , which allows you to record the information of your unique text of administrative procedures (TUPA); the Portal of the Peruvian State (PEP) and the Portal of Transparency Standard (PTE). In a complementary way, it allows the manual entry of data sets (datasets), information that is not included in the portals indicated.

  • Cloud Computing (Cloud) - Annual (1 year)
    Modality of Software as Services (SaaS-All-in), Independent of the Internet resources of the public entity, does not depend on its technological infrastructure.
  • Publication of Online Data Sets
    Data files (DataSets) can be updated Manually (file upload) or Automatic by Web Services, Roles is included per user level.
  • Advanced Graphic Tools
    Create Views of published data sets, by means of Wizards to display information in mode: Bar Graphs, Pie, Linear.
  • Application programming interface (API)
    By default for all published Data sets, all users can build their own applications or updateable analyzes online.
  • Georeferenced Data Maps
    Publish information of your GIS systems, visualizing elements in the Maps of type: points, lines, polygons linked or linked to your Data.
  • Smart Cities: Smart Cities
    It allows to collect Information from IoT Sensors (Internet of Things), publishing real-time data on the environment, health, transport, energy, infrastructures.
  • Unlimited Use of Computer Resources
    File storage and consumption of data traffic resources (bandwidth) and calls to data sets through API.
  • Cloud Computing (Cloud) - Annual (1 year)
    Modality of Software as Services (SaaS-All-in), Independent of the Internet resources of the public entity, does not depend on its technological infrastructure.


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